Asking/Visualising Alone Won’t Get it Done!

Wouldn’t it be great if it was? Or would it? If it didn’t require commitment and effort to achieve what we desire, we wouldn’t necessarily value it. A bit like money that is gifted rather than earned. I’m old school – with no apologies – and I am a firm believer that anything truly valuable to a person, should come with a measure of effort and/or sacrifice.

Today’s society encourages immediate gratification. We live in a world set up for maximum gain from minimal effort. A world is often reflective of “entitlement” and “transient behavior” with short attention spans and a want to find the easiest way forward. Don’t get me wrong, the universe isn’t designed to challenge your dreams and make the attainment of your goals difficult. It will give you anything and everything you ask for, so long as your intentions are clear and your vibrational frequency matches your desire. BUT, and it’s a big Kardashian “but(t)”, therein lies the reason most people don’t have what they want. More often than not, the effort is required to elevate your vibrational frequency.

Things easily acquired are not often valued by human nature, ergo, little to no effort is applied to them. Conversely, bigger desires like a better home, car, an expensive holiday, or a large sum of money in the bank require effort beyond simply visualising them or asking God or the Universe for them. That’s not how the law of attraction works.


The juxtaposition of desiring something is that you must convince yourself that what you want is truly attainable.  For example, if you are not financially where you want to be and things are tight, you will naturally want for more money, but if you were to say; “I want and see myself with $50 million in the bank”, I would applaud you for your ambitious thinking, but, I’d also tell you that it is too big a jump, a quantum leap in fact, from where you are presently and as such, your subconscious mind will not manifest your desire because your vibrational frequency can not truly represent the amount you have nominated. To be clear; I’m saying that whatever it is you desire, needs to be perceived by your conscious mind, your subconscious mind and, your vibrational frequency – which is merely a reflection of this belief – as attainable. 

Someone once said ‘you can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps’ so don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is required, however, you wouldn’t attempt to jump across a chasm if you weren’t sure you’d make it. The consequences of miscalculating would be very serious! And so it is the same when we fix our desire on a prize. We must be certain that we can attain it. Start small(er) when setting yourself goals and objectives. If you drive an older car in need of upgrading, you may want a Porsche or Rolls Royce, but you’re going to have a hard time convincing yourself that it’s truly possible to acquire one. Instead, focus on something nice and more modest initially, a car you believe could come to you by whatever means possible, achieve it, and thereafter, elevate your aspirations in accordance with your desire and belief.

Without oxygen, fires won’t burn. I want you to appreciate that when it comes to achieving what you desire, oxygen is the ‘belief’, whilst ‘fire’ is your vibrational energy. Start your fire slowly, with twigs and kindling and as it grows in intensity, add logs and keep building it. Start with little desires that you believe you can attain. As you do, build upon this success with gratitude and love for what you have achieved and watch and marvel as things come to you more readily and easily. But remember always, that anything worth acquiring, takes effort and belief.

Now go and start manifesting!