Why ‘Kindness’ is the New Currency the World Needs

Anyone else with me, when I say that things have been quite challenging since Covid-19 turned the world on its head?

The pandemic/plandemic – call it what you will – has cost many people a great deal. Some sadly, their lives. Others their livelihoods. But perhaps worst of all, as we are all in the same boat, Covid-19 has cost family relations, friendships, and fundamental levels of civility and respect amongst people and communities at large. 

In short, we have turned on each other and become a very divided and aggressive bunch. I’m not going to divulge my thoughts as to what’s going on, nor show my hand as far as any perceived (or otherwise) manipulation of mass consciousness by media or governments. What I do want to talk about, is the desperate need I believe we have, as a species, to start treating each other with kindness, regardless of where we stand in respect of the pandemic. Or climate change. Or politically. Or on the Russian Ukraine war etc.

American poet Maya Angelou famously said; “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” It’s a salient and very poignant quote right now. At a time when we need to treat each other with greater kindness and respect, her words should be shared widely and taken to heart.

Empathy, gentleness, compassion, and kindness have fallen victim to fear-mongering and the doomsday sentiments of many. Anger and resentment are all too commonplace as we seek to forcefully establish our position on a range of issues, with increasing vehemency. Global circumstances and situations are surely challenging and dividing us, but given we’re all living on the same earth, regardless of viewpoints, there is surely a great capacity for, and understanding of, the need for empathy and kindness?

We are witnessing great advancements in so many fields; digital currencies, NFTs, space travel, blockchain, social media APPs, transportation (drones, driverless cars) and so it goes on, yet sadly we’re regressing as human beings.

When otherwise the world needs love, sweet love, even more than when Jackie DeShannon was telling us we did (Google it young people), we’re too busy reacting to the multitude of negative stimuli, and venting at one another.

Let us not forget, kindness, like anger, is a choice. But it’s the more “positive” choice all round.

Too many people are reacting rather than responding to things. There is a fundamental difference and it’s this; when you “react” to your circumstances, you give them the power to control you. You effectively become an emotional prisoner. When you “respond” to a stimulus, you emotionally process it and (generally) rationally take action. That can be as simple as walking away, removing yourself from the situation, or perhaps, demonstrating kindness to diffuse it.

Life isn’t always fair. That’s a given. So it’s not what happens to you or even how you respond to it, as much as how you treat others in times of crisis. Whether you’re in the midst of difficult circumstances or someone else is, a little empathy goes a long way. A little love, even further.

Be kind to yourself and to each other. Don’t react to circumstances. Tap into your empathy and respond instead. Ideally, in a caring, respectful way. It’s the healthier choice…for you, the other person(s), and society at large.

Please consider making kindness your most valued and utilised currency from this moment forward. In doing so, you will honour and uphold the wonderful words of Maya Angelou.