My life has been nothing if not challenging. Sure it’s been fun too, but the rollercoaster I’ve been on has had many steep climbs and hurtling dips! And I would not have it any other way. My experiences have shaped the man I am today. They also allow me to empathise with so many people, who can in turn relate to my journey and what I’ve been through. From terminal cancer 8 years ago to estrangement from my daughter, my road has been disturbed by potholes – all of which were, on reflection, a blessing.

Today I am an inspirational speaker and mentor. I candidly share what has happened to me in my life in order to lift the spirits of those who come to see me and, to encourage them to never give up (NVGVUP). Perseverance is often our greatest attribute and sadly, too many quit on their dreams and aspirations, and some very tragically life, when things get tough.

Contrary to what former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser said, life is meant to be easy. We make it hard, often without meaning to. You see your life is the sum total of the decisions you make. And every decision has consequences; good, bad or indifferent. Too many people look to blame “circumstances” for their life. Perhaps you’re not where you want to be because someone lied to you, defrauded you, let you down or just didn’t do what they said they’d do. For many years I felt like I’d been let down. By circumstances. By people. By God. And then I realised one day that I am the master of my fate, and that everything that has happened to me up to this point, and moving forward, is by my hand. Realising and accepting this reality is truly liberating. 

It’s not easy to accept that there are no coincidences. That everything we see and feel is created by us. This Blog isn’t the time for an explanation on manifestation – I will address that later – rather, I want to use this short piece to try to convince you my dear readers that we are responsible for our own lives. Even when we get sick. When we lose our job because of a pandemic. When a partner leaves or cheats on us. We are responsible. Embrace this concept and you take your power back. Suddenly from that moment on, you control your own reality. Destiny is in your hands – exactly where it always was, but without being conscious of this fact, you cannot be in control.

The great irony in life is that more often than not, we try to control the lives of others without focussing on ourselves or realising that trying to control others is futile. Not our spouse, our children, our parents, siblings, friends, or colleagues. Not our staff if we’re an employer. I can no more control your behavior through this Blog than I can tell you what time to go to bed. I can hopefully make you think about it. Make you question your reality and how you are shaping and creating it. That’s all I want to do because I know I can’t control you. And I don’t want to.

Right now we live in a world that is governed by people who want to control us. People who have an agenda promoting universal good, but whose actions do not reflect their words.

I am being contacted by an ever increasing number of desperate people who have lost loved ones, been forced to be vaccinated, lost their jobs, businesses, their livelihoods. People who are suicidal and others who have already lost a loved one(s) to suicide. There are many reasons to quit life because we think that life has given upon us. But that’s a choice. It’s not a reality unless you make it so. How we respond to the things happening around, and to us, is what defines us. If we feel sorry for ourselves – which is easy but unhelpful – we are defeated and must accept what life throws at us. If on the other hand, we recognise that nothing can impact us negatively unless we allow it, then we’re halfway to having a happy life. A life where we are truly in control. At least to the extent, we can be.

Remember people; if you think you can, then YOU can. No one else will do it for you. Stand in your power and recognise that you control your own destiny. When things get tough, as they often will, don’t lose sight of this fact. Ask for help, seek out a shoulder to cry on, but remember that you control how you respond to every situation. And no one can take that from you… unless you let them.