You Won’t Hit Your Target Without Arrows

OK. Today we’re going to get a little spiritual. But bear with me because what I’m sharing is literally gold! Goals are the arrows we fire at targets in life. Motivation is the bow. But not everyone has a functioning bow. Some people don’t have one at all. Why? And how do we create a mighty bow capable of launching big arrows with great accuracy?

Well the metaphoric bow is built from intention. Without intention, you cannot see a target and without being able to see the target, it’s very unlikely you’ll have the motivation to create the bow. It’s a vicious circle people! So let’s start with the basics…

What is it that you’re wanting to achieve? What really inspires or uplifts you? What makes your soul sing? Wanting millions of dollars is not an intention. It is a wish. A dream. And it’s counterintuitive because it conveys and perpetuates scarcity thinking.

You see words carry vibrational energy – everything is energy – and the universe cannot discern between positive and negative. God or bad. It responds only to the words you use that carry the highest vibrational energy. So when you say things like; “I want more money”, or “I need five million dollars to be comfortable” the universe only feels the scarcity of your situation and says in response; “Yeah I know, you need more money.” Even the universe requires intention and clarity from us to bring us whatever it is we want.

Deep down a lot of people I meet who are not where they want to be, are self-sabotaging. And they’re not even aware of it. They have mistakenly been told that if they repeat a desire often enough, it will manifest. Many people are aware of the core message of ‘The Secret’ and other similar self-help books, and yet most people do not have what they truly desire in life.

It’s because your vibrational energy towards your desires must be high, powerful, and sharpened like an arrow head. You must believe that you have achieved the state of being that you want. That you are living it now, even though it may not truly exist in your reality. You must be grateful for what it is you want as though you currently possess it. And the only way you can train your subconscious mind to liaise with the universe and bring you what you want is to set very clear and definite intentions.

Once you have a clear picture of what you want, you must believe that you can achieve it. This is not important to your subconscious mind, because it, like the universe, has no sense of right or wrong. It is important to the attainment of the intention because you need the motivation to repeatedly – and I mean REPEATEDLY – give thanks for what it is you desire as though you already have and are enjoying it.

If you are financially struggling, do not attempt to visualise that you will soon have $50 million. The intention is unreal. It is again, a wish. Start a little smaller and build upon it by escalating your goals. Your intention is to be comfortable or wealthy. To make it so, you require the motivation to repeat your gratitude statement(s) every day multiple times. I prefer the five minutes or so before I drift off to sleep and again, first thing in the morning, but many people I know who are high achievers, also repeat their intentions with gratitude in the present tense, throughout the day. Remember this isn’t a chore. We have 84.600 seconds in a day. Surely you can use some of them to set your intentions?

Clear intentions beget motivation. Motivation means you will train your subconscious mind through repetition. See your goals and targets clearly and loose those arrows with confidence, hitting bullseye after bullseye. Always grateful. Then repeat. Once you have conditioned yourself, you will never run out of arrows and your bow will never break.